Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Days draw colder and shorter.  Trees shed their pretty colors, and begin their docile state.  Evergreens grow more prominent against the white ground.  People stay indoors and bundle up warmly wishing for the suns sweet warmth on their faces once more.  Some, however, welcome the cold as a friend.  Hiking into mountains to ride down on boards or skis.  To some, this is fun.  Others, complete craziness.  Some places never know the meaning of cold weather or snow.  Some places only  know the low seventies.  Those I consider lucky.  People gather in groups sipping hot drinks in attempts to stay warm.  The controversy over when it's okay for Christmas to show all it's colors, or if they are to stay away for another month or so.  The end of fall brings happiness and sadness.  The cold brings pink cheeks and noses.  Maybe some blue, if you aren't warm enough.  The cold brings closeness of families not seen in some time.  So welcome the cold.  The flu's not the only thing that comes from it's frosty embrace.

Monday, August 26, 2013


I don't know how many people know this...but I love country music.  Reason one, because I grew up on it.  (Thanks to Dad's country phase.)  Reason two, it's very entertaining to listen to.  ("Red Solo Cup")  Plus they sing about simple things.  Breaking up, falling in love, getting drunk.  Somethings so simple and yet artists like Tim McGraw, Brad Paisley, and, of course, Taylor Swift.  They have gifts.  Unlike pop, they don't go techno or auto tune.  They stick to their own voices and their own voices.  It's amazing.  Sorry those who are anti-country, but you are truly missing out.  Country is amazing in and of itself.  I'm a country girl through and through!

Saturday, August 24, 2013


Well, I told you I'd stay up and I will.  Not too bad right?  Anyway, my last post was so off.  Not even kidding, that was just insecure babble from me.  This past week could not have been more amazing.  My roommates Charly, Emily, Cali, Racheal and Kristine could not be better I could not have asked for better roommates.  We've been on the town, around the school, and yes, having movie nights in our dorm.  Why?  Because we are that amazing.  I fetching love every single one of them.  I can't wait to get to know each of them more over the next year.  The end of it will be a sad one because we will all go different ways.  As for now, we will continue our party.  Freshman year will be a good one.  I can feel it already, all thanks to all my fantastic roommates.

Sunday, August 18, 2013


Wow, I fail horribly at keeping this up.  Sorry if anyone has been missing me! (Crickets chirping in the background.)  Anyway, well I'm growing up.  As you can see in the title and probably know already I have moved out of my home and am now living in a dorm on the Utah State University campus.  I'm living with 6 other girls and to top it off we all share one small bathroom.  If it weren't for all the storage space and all of us seeming normal, things would not be going well.  My room has been decorated and organized and not that messy yet, but it is only the second day.  I've spent most of the day, today, in the dorm.  I think I'll go wander around, but I doubt there's anyone around.  Everyone's probably gone home or to church or doing their own things.  That's what all my roommates have done.  All of them, it seems, came up with their best friends....and me with no one.  We all get along great, but I can never find anything to say.  Of course I don't want to be that roommate who's a loner and everything, but I also don't want to be the annoying roommate always bugging everyone.  I can't seem to find that middle spot.  What I have been doing is saying hi, asked a few questions and try to get involved in conversations.  I don't barge in or anything, but for the most part I have been kinda keeping to myself.  Credit to myself I have been trying.  Our kitchen is nice and organized, we have so much in there I'm being sent home with some of my stuff because there is just so much! We all managed to double everything we needed.  At least we aren't without much.  Fans are needed because it has been so hot the past couple days.  Logan? Hot? I know I was confused too, but it's better than freezing.  All in all I can see this all leading up to a pretty good year.  Still feels weird to not be sleeping in my own bed and everything, but hopefully I'll get a better nights sleep tonight.  More coming soon!  Welcome to College Life!

Thursday, May 16, 2013


In my life I've been good about keeping things going.  I check Facebook constantly, email nearly hourly and phone every minute.  Kind of sad right?  One thing I have kind of failed at is keeping this blog updated.  I don't know what it is, but I really need to do better.  That is one thing I know for sure.  So, lets see if I'm still good at this....
School's wrapping up; just physically there as I day dream about summer. Senioritis is kicking in so bad, that is should be a real disease.  There should be better treatment then the "wait till graduation" method.  It doesn't work.  Many of my fellow seniors can attest to this.  Though, in someways I don't want school to end.  I won't see all of my friends regularly, and most of my guy friends will be leaving on their missions to far off lands....or states.  I'll be ending the High School chapter of my life, and moving on to the "real world."  In someways I'm excited, but I'm also just so nervous.  Growing up is just seeming so unreal.  Also, I really don't feel like an adult.  I know I should and stuff, but whatever it is that'll supposedly happen to me hasn't happened yet.  So when that happens you will be informed, but until then that's the end of today's post.

Friday, September 21, 2012


Oh the joys of writing.  How a whole new world can live inside your head just waiting to come out and have its story be told.  It can be anything you want it to be.  Tragic, romantic, humorous, and even educational can all live in your head.  People wanting to be known are in your head, ready to get out and have a life.  The sweet feeling of escape as you begin to write the story of the world in your head.  How so simply or complicated your story is, it doesn't matter.  It's the world you created.  Every person, every city, everything is yours.  Make it what you want.  No one tell you what to do and no one to tell you how good or bad it is.  Just you and your thoughts on paper becoming a story and becoming real.  Writing can be personal and help you vent.  It can be something made up completely.  The release of writing can be better than even the best therapy.  

Monday, September 10, 2012


Nothing says stress relief better than playing some of the best Disney songs on the piano.  I kid you not, it's like a freaking therapy session.  Sometimes, however, I get too busy and can't make it to my musical therapist so what's the next best thing you might ask?  That would be blasting my music so loud in my headphones so that I can block everything else out.  When that doesn't work there is always television or internet right.  Sadly virtual reality is almost always better than facing everything that life has to give you out there in the real world.